August 17, 2010 – no more DIRECTV.

From this moment forward, all Miami Dolphins games will be watched in a sportsbar.

When I first moved to Dallas, I signed up for Time Warner Cable for two reasons:

1) I had been informed that the DIRECTV signal, which I had been using for YEARS on the West Coast, was subject to more outages in Dallas in heavy rain, and

2) Since I rent an apartment here, hooking up cable is a lot easier than getting permission to put a dish on the building, etc.

Since I was rethinking TV anyway, I used the opportunity to check into “many” ways of watching TV…I even hooked up my computer and went “Hulu” for a couple of months.

I’ve now had cable for about a year – so I’m sending my old DIRECTV receiver back to its source.

The experiment of “having so many options” has taught me that I rarely WANT that many options. The truth is, the options merely slow me down and get me aggravated thinking about what I might be missing out on.

If you’re interested in knowing the underlying psychology of what I just blogged about, here’s a great book.

I’m thinking that I need to keep this satellite receiver in mind as a metaphor for not overcomplicating my life with more choices. Make a choice, if it makes me happy — then accept it, and be happy. Don’t dwell on the choices NOT made.

A metaphor for SO MANY of my decisions.

The only thing I’m going to miss out on is watching my beloved Miami Dolphins games at home, since Time Warner cable doesn’t offer the same sports package as DIRECTV. But – actually, this is a better choice – it will encourage me to spend my Sunday mornings getting out of bed, and going to watch the games in a social space…you know, with humanity….

So…here’s to LESS choice.

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