August 18, 2010 – Tennis, anyone?

A wooden racket that has Borg's name on it might be worth something to somebody, but not to me anymore.

We’re in the middle of a ridiculous, every day is 100 degrees — 2 weeks straight kind of patch here in Dallas, so it’s a great time to get rid of outdoor sporting equipment.

I love playing tennis, but the reality is…too many things have to fall into place now for me to get to play. The weather has to cooperate, the person I want to play has to available, there has to be a court free, etc. The reality is…I NEVER play anymore.

So what a perfect day to give away my two tennis rackets. I’ve held on to these for years, but haven’t played in a long….loooooooooong time. So, over the fence you go.

PERSONAL ANECDOTE: This post however, has inspired me in a new way. While I go to my gym semi-religiously, I’d like to find a sport that I can participate in that’s a little more social. I just found this new app for my iPad, perhaps I’ll give that a try. If nothing else, it’s an interesting experiment in new technology — and who knows? Maybe I’ll connect with someone whom the universe wants me to meet.

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