August 23, 2010 – No need for a Mariners stadium blanket in hot Texas.

Go M's!

Okay, we Seattle Mariners fans concede. The Rangers have indeed won the West.

What better sacrifice to the baseball gods than my well-worn Seattle Mariners stadium blanket that has kept me toasty through oh-so-many chilly nights at Safeco Stadium in the Emerald City?

Seeing this blanket makes me think of the many Mariners games I enjoyed with my now 15-year old daughter. Being a divorced dad, I cherish my time with her — and the Seattle Mariners, through the triumph of 2001 and the despair of almost every other year of the teams existence — have provided many an enjoyable and terrific night for my daughter and I to share.

Now that I’ve moved to Dallas and the 100-plus degree temperatures of Arlington, I feel quite confident in giving up my cherished blanket.

But you’ll never steal my Mariners from me, Texas.

There’s always next year.

On a side note, have a good retirement Lou – we already miss ya.

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