This guy’s doing a month-long RID project. But with meat.

“Why on earth would a barbecue guy nicknamed Meathead decide to become Potatohead for a 30 days? Why would I violate my well publicized motto “No rules in the bedroom or dining room”?

In June, in order to better understand the issues surrounding our dietary choices, I wrote an article on Huffington Post called Meat or No Meat. It attempted to explain the pros and cons of eating meat and divided the arguments into six categories. I continue to edit it based on reader comments.

There have been more than 8,000 passionate comments from everyone from cattle ranchers to PETA members. People feel religiously about this subject. I invite you to go there, read it, and join the debate.

Most of the arguments against meat do not impress me. But two give me pause every time I reach for my tongs:

  1. The way most of our beef, pork, fowl, and fish are grown nowadays, in huge factory farms, can be inhumane.
  2. These methods may be harmful to humans.”

Check it out here.

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