September 9, 2010 – Ironing out something.

Once used.

When I first got to Dallas, I bought this ironing board.

It was used exactly once.

I’m not sure why I was hanging on to it – except that it’s as good as new, and I think I felt a little guilty for buying it in the first place. Once my stuff arrived from Seattle, my full-size ironing board came into my place…and the one you see above was retired to a closet.

In hindsight, what I really should’ve done was gotten a new full-size ironing board when I arrived in Dallas, since the one from Seattle didn’t come until months later.

I always run  into trouble when I buy something as a stop-gap. I could learn from buying what I really need, and then never having to buy it again.

I recently bought a laptop bag from this company.

Here’s how they refer to their prices (which can be a bit high) — I love this phrase, and I’m going to use it to make sure I’m buying quality (and what I really want.)

Can you help me justify spending this much on a piece of leather?

“Buy the best, cry once.”

Good advice on all purchases, if you ask me.

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1 Response to September 9, 2010 – Ironing out something.

  1. dmeyler says:

    Towel over a counter-top is a great stop-gap for the next time 🙂

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