September 15, 2010 – CDs (the C’s…the duplicates.)

From Cracker to Cloud Cult...and more.

Ok, here we are on the 15th…it’s a CD day.

Today, I get rid of the C artists that I have duplicates of. That is, bands/artists from which I own more than one album.

Among the highlights…

Citizen Cope – One of the most solid debut albums I’ve ever heard. Here’s hoping he will recapture that form someday.

Cracker – I remember shopping in a Tower Records store in 1992, when this song, “I See The Light,” came over the speaker system. I had to have it. I remember asking the clerk who it was, and his response was simply to hold up the cassette (!!!) cover and say simply, “It’s a bunch of guys from Camper Van Beethoven.”

Elvis Costello – I’ll admit it…I don’t have the appreciation for him that most music snobs have. That having been said, there are a few tunes of his that I think make me get it …at least a little.

Crowded House – A band that I’ve appreciated from the first album…and just saw them play live a few weeks ago. They never disappoint.

Johnny Cash – The first concert I ever went to. And a person I never appreciated until much, much later.

Julian Cope – If you like Perry Ferrell and don’t know who this guy is, give it a listen. If Jane’s Addiction had come along earlier…I’m convinced this is what they would’ve sounded like.

Cloud Cult – A band I have Bumbershoot to thank for helping me find. I don’t really know how to describe them…but I find them both insightful AND thrilling. Go here to hear a sample. More importantly, find a way to see them live. You won’t regret it.

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