September 16, 2010 – CDs (the rest of the C’s.)

The C's include some oldies, including a CD by one of my Facebook friends.

And here’s the balance of the C’s.

The highlights:

Common – I’ll admit I found Common AFTER I had discovered Kanye.

Cheap Trick – Back in the cassette days, I had several of their albums. But, after the conversion to CDs, I bought the greatest hits collection and kept it simple.

Counting Crows -I’ll repeat what I said about Citizen Cope yesterday…why, oh why, was this debut album so good…and yet, they never reached that high again?

Coldplay – I bought their live album wondering if there was a reason that everyone I knew seemed to love Coldplay and I didn’t. Nope – this album DIDN’T do the trick. I just don’t get it.

Clerks – The first movie soundtrack of the RID project. And one of my top 5 movie favorites of all time. I remember going into the theatre, not even sure what this was about — and laughing for a full two hours. But alas, Kevin Smith, like Counting Crows and Citizen Cope….(sigh)

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