October 18, 2010 – Thoughts of retirement.


Just a terrific read.

Today I give away a great book.

The author of this book decided to go live in a retirement community — YEARS before it was time to.

He discovered an interesting subculture of retirees who are as clique-ish as any high schooler you’ll meet. In addition, he gives some interesting perspective…even detailing the high-risk sexual practices going on behind the scenes. (After all, without pregnancy to worry about…)

As I look at this book today, and add it to the RID project, I think of my own retirement. With the exception of reading, I’m not sure I have hobbies that will keep me truly entertained and alert during my declining years.

Thinking of this today makes me want to go and uncover new passions and interests that will serve me well later.

As well as to go have adventures today, before I’m too old to enjoy/do them tomorrow.


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