October 19, 2010 – The Usual Suspects.


Not quite your usual movie.

I had to make a decision about the DVDs I’ll be giving away as part of this project. Do I give them away like my CD’s (by theme) or do I give them away one at a time?

I decided one at a time, since:

1) there are fewer of them,

2) the movies I purchased tend to mean a little more to me individually and are worth blogging about, and

3) I’ll admit – the RID project is “gettin’ a little more painful” now that we’re close to entering the 4th month.

The movie above represents the #1 reason I purchased DVDs – a movie I’d seen, loved, and I wanted to share the experience with someone who hadn’t seen it.

As I give this DVD away, it is a way of recognizing:

1) that I don’t REALLY show people movies in my home that much,

2) that most content is now available digitally, and

3) that it’d be better to hang on to only a few movies that TRULY mean something to me, rather than sitting on 50 or more DVDs.

Goodbye Usual Suspects…you’re only the beginning.


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2 Responses to October 19, 2010 – The Usual Suspects.

  1. Shane Diver says:

    to whom are you giving your DVD’s? and how do I get on the list?


  2. dmeyler says:

    You can always NetFlix anything you want to share too. Don’t kill the desire/experience, just the stuff 🙂

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