October 25, 2010 – Sometimes travel doesn’t go the way you expect it to.

One of the funniest movies I've ever seen.

Everybody has their favorite movie…that they’re a little afraid to admit they like it to others. Here’s mine.

I like this movie because,

1) Steve Martin’s a genius,

2) John Candy left us way too soon, and

3) Because it represents a truth in travel – that sometimes, if you’re open to it…travel teaches you something you didn’t expect. Because something went wrong…and you went with it, along for the ride, going with the flow.

As I prepare for a couple of upcoming trips, it’s good for me to reconnect with this thought…that despite the best laid plans, life’s greatest lessons and the joy of travel is encountering what you DIDN’T expect, what you didn’t plan for.

Some of my best travel memories are:

1) Getting lost on a train platform in Tokyo and getting help,

2) Having my clean clothes NOT come back in Africa, and

3) Having my luggage NOT arrive in Aruba.

Here’s to lessons learned through breathing and accepting…

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