October 27, 2010 – Four weddings, indeed.

Hugh Grant says, "Hello World."

Giving away this disc today makes me think about my own weddings (I’ve had two.)

As the father of a nearly 16-year old daughter, I’ve always been somewhat troubled by the cultural messages that are sent to our young girls…especially about their wedding day. They’re told that one day, they will be a princess…it’ll all go according to plan, they’ll be doted upon, it will be the one day that will change their lives.

But, so little cultural message is given to the MARRIAGE.

As a person who’s been married, and now divorced, twice — I’ll be the first to tell you…marriage is hard. Really hard.

But…that’s not gonna stop me from tryin’….and livin’.

PERSONAL ANECDOTE: I’ve been traveling a TON lately – so the last couple o’ nights, I’ve been catching up on my TIVO’d programs. (Yes, technically it’s a DVR…but I refuse to use that acronym.) I realized I’m feeling STRESS about catching up on TV, trying to watch a bunch of old shows before they get deleted. Boy, what a signal the RID project needs to be applied to saved TV programs! Expect more on this soon.

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