November 9, 2010 – Notes about the state of healthcare in this country.

A great read.

A great book about the sorry state of healthcare in this country.

This story, told in the first person, is about one father’s coming to grips with all the stress he’s put on his body over the years…and the implications thereof.

Good reading for anyone concerned about their own health, or about healthcare in general.

As a person whose own father has been in the hospital too much over the last few years, I have a pretty set opinion about healthcare in this country, its overwhelming human and financial costs, and the general disregard we have for people in their old age.

I fear my beloved home country has come to worship only work, and workers. Where those who are injured, or elderly are left to their own devices to figure out how to afford the very care they were told their taxes were going towards, and would take care of them the rest of their lives.

I know, pretty preachy for a Tuesday, but that’s how I’m feeling today.

Maybe we Americans will someday wake up and realize the real change that is needed in our healthcare system. I fear that we’ll only learn the lessons as the boomers begin to age, and it’ll be too late for the kinds of fixes we could do today.

No, we’ll wait, til…someday. When the costs are higher, and the changes to the system will feel too harsh.

You know, just like we do with our own health.

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1 Response to November 9, 2010 – Notes about the state of healthcare in this country.

  1. Graeme says:

    Hang on Dave, you’re sounding awfully socialist there! You’ll be like that terrible Obama or even those pesky Russians.

    Seriously though, what you are asking for depends on people being prepared to take a community and not individual view and the mid-terms last week didn’t give me any hope at all that the average American is in any way prepared to do that.

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