November 10, 2010 – Business books and a rant about business practice.

Some read, some not.

The RID project isn’t just about my homelife – it’s about my worklife as well.

Today, I give away some books that have been languishing in my office – not used for years.

As I look at these today, it gives me a little pause to think about the false separation between business and life for most Americans.

I’m a little irritated at “big business.” A couple of examples:

1) I recently heard about someone who was looked down upon at work, because they “talked so much about their personal life in their workplace.” Of course, that workplace also felt free to send emails to this employee day and night, and often got irritated when the employee didn’t respond “right away,” even if it was midnight, or over the weekend.

2) Someone I know was interviewing for a job recently and was told “overtime is expected.” Uh, if overtime is expected, how about scoping the job in a way that the person is paid for that time, or maybe…just maybe…the company recognizes that more than one person is needed to do the job?

3) Someone I know was recently looking at taking some upcoming PTO time. Their company got busy, and the employee was asked, “Is that upcoming time out of the office personal or business?” The implication was, if the employee was out of the office for business it was ok, but if it were for personal vacation (or just sanity) they should reschedule it, because the company was more important right now.

Sorry folks, but bad economy or not – we’ve lost our priorities. The workplace needs to fit into your life – not the other way around.

Just sayin’.

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