January 13, 2011 – Yes, the RID project is getting tougher. Why do you ask?

Pale pail.

As we come up to what is ALMOST the six month point (halfway) on the RID project – the items are getting harder and harder to give up.

The truth is, the first few months were pretty easy. Now, that urge to hang on to items is getting stronger. The easy stuff? Already gone.

So, today I offer up this pail. Nothing really to say about it, other than the fact that for some reason, I was hanging on to it.

It’s one of those items I suppose we all hang on to – it has an obvious use, but even if you don’t really use it, you hang on to it…because “someday you will.”

Well, not anymore.

This pail should’ve probably been earlier in the RID project’s bucket list.

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