January 19, 2011 – Some remember the 80s differently.

Bad music, bad politics.

So I just got XM radio, and I find myself switching over to the 80s channel every so often to hear tunes from the decade.

Sorry folks – but I think the 90s were so much better, in so many ways…

1) The emergence of grunge, and music that expressed a zeitgeist,

2) The end of Reagan-era policies of trickle-down policies and the like, and

3) The emergence of new technology companies that changed the way we think, feel, and communicate.

So today I RID myself of this book about the eighties.

Let’s leave them behind, shall we?

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1 Response to January 19, 2011 – Some remember the 80s differently.

  1. Wolf says:

    Dude, you’ve got it so wrong. Just today I, too, was listening to XM — only I stopped on the 80s on 8. Imagine my surprise when tears sprung to my eyes at the high school memories that Prince’s Purple Rain brought on. You know you love it when Doves Cry.

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