January 22, 2011 – We call this a culture?

An ongoing battle.

I fear sometimes that the American culture has been set up to be a battle…always.

Blue states versus red.

Christians versus atheists.

My sports team versus yours.

As I RID this book on culture struggle today, I’m reminded how we need more things that bring us together.

Earlier this week, I wrote a note about loneliness. I wonder sometimes if this is America’s problem with loneliness – that we don’t have things to bring us together.

So, I’m going to try in the foreseeable future, to really relish the things that bring humanity together.

A song that people can sing and dance along to

A movie that allows people to share an experience of emotional release

A live event that allows a crowd to feel and express what they’re feeling – individually, as a collective.


Here’s to the things that bring us together.

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