March 15, 2011 – CDs, the P’s…and a Q.

Mind 'em.

The 15th…A CD day!

Some highlights:

Liz Phair – What a mix of great music, sexuality, and lyrics that cut you wide open. I’ve always been a fan of hers, and in fact – am looking forward to seeing her live this Thursday in Dallas.

Pearl Jam – I remember being in Seattle when grunge took off, and it was like you had to choose sides between these guys and Nirvana. At that time, I don’t think anyone would’ve guessed Eddie and the boys would still be producing good music this late in their lives.

Police – Still just a classic sound. It’s amazing how often my “shuffle” reintroduces me to how innovative and interesting these guys were – so far ahead of their time.

Robert Plant – The original “bard” in my opinion. If you never got to see him live in his late Zep, early solo work….you missed out. Truly an artist.

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