March 16, 2011 – Shocking.

I'm sure a great story...

I think we’re really interesting, in that we’re such social creatures — but we think we are SO individual.

I’ve always been fascinated by the experiments of the great sociologists and psychologists of our time.

Chief among those experiments was the famous “Milgram obedience experiments” where an situation was set up when subjects THOUGHT they were electrically shocking people, when in fact the experiment was just designed to see if people would comply with instructions given to them.

A bold experiment indeed – giving us insights into our own behavior, concentration camps, Abu Ghraib, etc.

Today, I RID a book not about the experiments, but about the man who designed them.

I originally bought the book shown above, because I wanted to follow-up on this great book, which I loved.

That other book? Still a valuable book in my library.

But this book? It leaves today.

Goodbye. Hopefully it will inspire someone else to investigate their own behavior.

Like why they blog about a private project, for example 😉

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