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Garbage Anthropology.

“The Believer has a fascinating interview with Robin Nagle, who is the New York City Department of Sanitation’s anthropologist-in-residence. Nagle examines the dissonance around waste, and explores the culture of, and around garbage – and how it has changed society … Continue reading

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November 23, 2010 – Random marketing books.

Starting to clean out the work library as well now. The books above are books I’ve kept in my work office forever. But I never reference them. Time to RID. As I’ve been preparing to RID my workplace of the … Continue reading

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November 22, 2010 – Notes on giving. And on the word “meta.”

My favorite word is “meta.” My other blog is kind of a “meta blog.” That is, a blog about other blogs. So…with that explanation, today’s RID is a meta-RID. A RID about ridding. Someone gave me this book to encourage … Continue reading

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November 21, 2010 – Randy.

If there’s one musical artist I think has stood the test of time – it’s Randy Newman. Stay with me – how many songwriters do you know who’ve done film, pop, symphony and more…and never strayed from the important satirical … Continue reading

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November 20, 2010 – Books on culture.

I’m fascinated by the things we as human beings do, that then take hold…ultimately to become our culture. These books above, from sustainable design to web content creation, reflect that desire to learn about the creation of culture. But…time to … Continue reading

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November 19, 2010 – VHS? Seriously, VHS?

Ok, seriously — WHY was I still hoarding VHS tapes? DVDs are one thing – but c’mon – VHS? I think the last time I used the player was about 2 years ago. Atop the RID pile they go. Anyone … Continue reading

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November 18, 2010 – Some comedy DVDs worth talking about.

I love these DVDs. Mr. Show may have been the best comedy show on television. Get a Life, starring Chris Elliot, was WAY before its time. Chris Farley = tragic genius. And Sports Night was the precursor to the greatness … Continue reading

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