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October 25, 2010 – Sometimes travel doesn’t go the way you expect it to.

Everybody has their favorite movie…that they’re a little afraid to admit they like it to others. Here’s mine. I like this movie because, 1) Steve Martin’s a genius, 2) John Candy left us way too soon, and 3) Because it … Continue reading

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October 24, 2010 – Sweater vest.

    I decided to give this away a few days ago. But I’ve begun a new ritual – before I give it away, I wear it…one last time. I really loved this sweater. It represents what I believe about … Continue reading

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October 23, 2010 – Ah…Austin.

Ever since I’ve moved to Texas, I’ve adored Austin. A couple of miles to the south of Dallas, but way to the left, (if you know what I mean) Austin represents the best of Texas – independent, weird (proudly so,) … Continue reading

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October 22, 2010 – TEDx SMU gift bag.

Last Saturday, I attended the local TEDx event which was held at the Wyly Theater (click here for an amazing description of the theater itself.) The TED crew always puts together an amazing gift bag – as they always do…and … Continue reading

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October 21, 2010 – Misery.

  Seemed appropriate about a week before Halloween to give away a “horror”  movie. Years ago, I was a huge Stephen King fan – read all his books. I admire the guy. “Prolific” doesn’t even begin to describe it. The … Continue reading

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October 20, 2010 – Thoughts on money and creativity – as I get rid of the most disappointing DVD in my collection.

  So lately I’ve developed a theory…creativity only flourishes…when creativity is needed. In other words, you NEED creativity when you have a small budget. When you have a big budget, it’s actually a disincentive to be creative. Exhibit A: George … Continue reading

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October 19, 2010 – The Usual Suspects.

  I had to make a decision about the DVDs I’ll be giving away as part of this project. Do I give them away like my CD’s (by theme) or do I give them away one at a time? I … Continue reading

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